Must-Have Kitchen Tools Every Chef Should Know About

Apart from adding beauty to your kitchen, you should also pay attention to getting the right tools to make your work easy and neat. Every chef must have essential tools that can improve their services, but most of them don’t have ideas on which to choose over what they have. In the cutlery and commercial mixers market, there are lots of options to go for that chefs can embrace and here are just several that can offer an amazing experience while cooking.


Rubber spatula
For chefs who would like to make work easy while using the dough, a rubber spatula comes in handy. It is strong enough to maneuver heavy dough and flexible in a manner that allows you to reach jar corners. You can choose silicone models, which are heat-resistant and can work in pots.

Measuring cups
Adding the right ingredients means also measuring the right amounts to be used. For this reason, you need measuring caps of different sizes to help you in measuring both wet and dry ingredients. Dry ingredients need at least one cup and four measuring tools.

There are digital models of timers that you can use to monitor food on the oven, potatoes on the stovetop and items in the refrigerator that you intend to use after a while, all simultaneously.

Where to Buy Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Online
cookingIf you just started a food service or restaurant, you need working equipment to run your establishment seamlessly. Many people struggle to find reliable online stores to buy from and this delays the process. To help you access the items you need for your kitchen, below are stores you can buy from at the comfort of your sofa and the most reliabe is Ice Machines Plus.

You can find kitchen supplies for both commercial and restaurant buyers. Through their website, you can place your orders and you don’t need to bother about going to pick the items. Everything is delivered right at your doorstep within a few days. With more than 25 years in the industry, the company stocks more than 30,000 on both their physical and virtual shelves.

Another company you can rely on for kitchen supplies is Big Tray, which was founded in 1999. The company offers supplies to businesses including chain stores, restaurants, caterers, universities, country clubs, government institutions, and schools. You can also get layout advice and services to help you come up with a new facility.